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Welcome to Badass with Class Adventures Inc., where glass ceilings don’t exist, and your only boundaries are where the sun rises and sets.

Our objective is to empower female motorcyclists with the confidence to ride safe, smart, and skilled, creating a dynamic collective of women who inspire, support, encourage, and challenge one another to be better, get better, do better.

Whether your goal is to improve your riding skills, broaden your social circle, or remove the stress of planning a ride or trip- Let us help you!

  • We ride “together”, a group of like-minded women. This is where unity, cohesion, camaraderie, and that warm feeling of being a part of something truly shines bright.
  • Instead of trying to change the way people view motorcycles and the women who ride them, we take ownership of this in the manner in which we ride; dialed in, disciplined, and damn fine = “Badass with Class”
  • Routes and Destinations are a Surprise! Come with a full tank of gas, be prepared for all weather conditions, and always have cash on hand for cash only locations. There will always be fuel stops (pending distance of ride), coffee breaks, and yummy food planned into the itinerary. It’s not just about the ride but equally the experience.

Commencing in 2024 we will be offering:

  • Ride Nights
  • Day/Overnight Trips

All rides will be posted on our calendar, via Facebook and Instagram.

We welcome riders of all levels, experience, and platforms; new, seasoned, fair weather, street, adventure, day trippers, touring, and everything in between. No matter the skill level- there is always room for growth.


  • Class 6 BCDL and Insured motorcycle required.
  • Drama, bullying, and intimidation will not be tolerated. Our objective is to be inclusive of anyone who has the courage to show up.
  • Riding, behaviour, and conduct will be respective of local laws. Zero tolerance for criminal activity and/or affiliations.

Ready to go  on an adventure? Head over to our calendar!

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