Be brave when you are scared.

Harness Fear and Use it for Personal Success.

Fear of an activity? Fear of applying for a new position at work? Fear of a person? Fear of an animal? Fear of a Natural Disaster?

Everyone experiences fear! If they tell you otherwise, they are lying! Fear is often what keeps us safe, that alarm in your tummy that says “nope, this is not good, I don’t like this”. Sometimes we allow fear to overpower us, preventing us from enjoying life at its fullest. Well, we can’t have that!

Know what it is. Know how it affects us. Know how to harness it. Most importantly, Know how use it for personal success.

Join me in this interactive presentation as we conquer our fears together.

"Very informative and confidence building. I was nervous at first but Kris’s nature put me at ease."
- Anonymous

Topics include:

Fear - What is it?

Identify, Acknowledge, and Embrace it!

How to use fear Positively, vs. Negatively

Planning and Preparation

Strategies to Overcome Fear

Alter your Perception

Brave- Not Just a word to describe Superheroes and Firemen

Celebrate the Wins!

Seminar Length:

3 Hours

Age Restriction:

Age 18+


$125 (plus GST)

Group Rate:

$1250 (plus GST), Max 40 Participants

Prices listed reflect programs delivered in the Greater Victoria area.  For those who are interested in our programs outside of Greater Victoria, please contact us directly for a quote.

Overcome adversity and become a force of nature.

Harness fear and use it for personal success.

Kris Greffard, a tattooed woman wearing sunglasses, stands by the water, celebrating a personal victory.

Win at life; today, tomorrow, and every day after that!

Empower yourself with the tools to keep you safe.

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