Be strong when you are weak

Overcome Adversity and Become a Force of Nature.

Work? Home? Family? Friends? Relationships? We have all faced conflict, trauma, and adversity at some point in our lives. How do we learn from those experiences without allowing them to pull us down? How do we use those experiences as fuel to be better, get better, and do better?

"Perfect delivery, great speaking, amazing personality, you kill this! Keep it up girl!"
- Anonymous

Life will inevitably throw us speed bumps- uncontrolled, unanticipated, and unfair obstacles that we likely never saw coming. How do we adapt and become resilient, using those speed bumps to slow down and reflect on the situation OR hit ‘em hard to launch us toward bigger better things.

This course was created to get you back up and on your feet and to change the look in your eyes when you raise your head, to reignite that fire that each and every one of us has within us.

Topics include:

How to use Conflict and/or Adversity Positively

Acknowledging and Owning our Emotions

Thriving vs. Striving

Growth & Self-Reflection - Find the Lesson

Optimism has its place!

Create your Support Network

Use Success as Fuel

Strength and Resiliency

Seminar Length:

3 Hours

Age Restriction:

Age 18+


$125 (plus GST)

Group Rate:

$1250 (plus GST), Max 40 Participants

Prices listed reflect programs delivered in the Greater Victoria area.  For those who are interested in our programs outside of Greater Victoria, please contact us directly for a quote.

Overcome adversity and become a force of nature.

Harness fear and use it for personal success.

Kris Greffard, a tattooed woman wearing sunglasses, stands by the water, celebrating a personal victory.

Win at life; today, tomorrow, and every day after that!

Empower yourself with the tools to keep you safe.

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