Episode 4- Meet Jen!

A petite woman who has made an immense impact on the  women in her life. A “community maker” as she calls it, Jen has a gift of bringing like minded people together.  Listen as Jen tells us her story; a national tennis player, living/ working in the Maldives, her lifestyle as a flight attendant, becoming a journalist, a mom, and the Owner/ Founder/ CEO of “Fit Happens”. Feel the raw emotion in this episode as we discuss how she rebuilt herself after an ugly separation and found love while not abiding by social norms. Jen’s philosophy on Life- “Passion,  Purpose, and Performance”.  If that’s not Badass, I don’t know what is!

Black and white photo of a smiling woman in a tank top standing outdoors with hands on hips. The background features trees. In the upper right corner, there's a pink circle with text that reads, "EPISODE 4: MEET JEN!"

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