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The Badass with Class podcast was developed with the intention to inspire women to pursue excellence; personally and professionally.

Listen to some of the most empowered women I know that embody strength, confidence, courage, love, care, compassion, independence, and the determination to overcome any and all obstacles placed in front of them. Listen to their stories, their speed bumps, their successes, and their advice on how to be a Badass with Class.

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Be Rare. Be Real. Be You.

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Episode 4- Meet Jen!

A petite woman who has made an immense impact on the  women in her life. A “community maker” as she calls it, Jen has a gift of bringing like minded people together.  Listen as Jen tells us her story; a national tennis player, living/ working in the Maldives, her lifestyle as a flight attendant, becoming a journalist, a mom, and the Owner/ Founder/ CEO of “Fit Happens”. Feel the raw emotion in this episode as we discuss how she rebuilt herself after an ugly separation and found love while not abiding by social norms. Jen’s philosophy on Life- “Passion,  Purpose, and Performance”.  If that’s not Badass, I don’t know what is!

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Episode 3- Meet Heather!

Waitress turn Bookkeeper turn Personal Trainer turn Site Superintendent of a construction site. Listen to Heather’s journey as she opens up about leaving a profession that compromised her values and pursued a career change at 48. She shares with us how she quickly moved up the food chain based on her ability to lead. The advice she shares is priceless to any woman pursuing a career outside your comfort zone and the importance of the experiences we gain with every employment opportunity we take on. We talk about childhood and our perception of being “rich” and discuss love and her relationship with the “Captain”. A woman of wisdom, knowledge, and beauty (inside and out). Cheers up to Heather!

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Mini-Pod – Motorcycle Safety

May is motorcycle awareness month! Join me, Kris, as I present my motorcycle safety tips. Most of which I have learned from first hand experience and survived to tell the story or learned via the power of observation.  Eg. “That looks like it hurt”- Note to self- Don’t do that!

I have put my fair share of bikes down and been tossed off of a few in the process, testing the boundaries of the platform I am on while equally challenging myself to do better, get better, be better.

Listen Up to learn how to stay Rubber Side Down.

Kris Greffard is standing next to an adventure motorcycle in an outdoor setting. She is wearing a motorcycle jacket and has one hand on the bike, with a helmet placed on the mirror of the bike. Black and white photograph.

Episode 2- Meet Kari!

Raised in a household where women had no barriers, Kari has lived by this motto both in her personal and professional life. Listen to Kari as she wraps up her 29 year long career in policing, sharing her biggest accomplishments, tackling her fears, the opportunities she capitalized on (including the love of her life, Al), being a role model to her 3 children, her love of motorcycles, and everything in between. Kari also shares with us her post retirement plans, continuing to be a Badass with Class. The strength of Wonder Woman with a heart that can soften even the hardest criminals.

Kari sits in front of a microphone, wearing large headphones and holding a drink with ice. She is smiling and wearing a plaid shirt, looking relaxed and happy.

Episode 1- Meet Tash!

Meet my BFF of 30+ years! A woman who is unapologetically beautiful, inside and out. Listen as Tash walks us through her experience with Hurricane Katrina, being impaled by a 6 ft piece of wood, the Langford love story of how she met her husband, her lover of being a mother, and her journey of altering the reflection of the woman she looked at in the mirror everyday. Her “falcon on a telephone pole” stories are filled with humour, truth, and inevitably, her passion for life. Cheers up to a woman who conquers problems fearlessly, my girlfriend Tash.

Note: This episode does contain explicit and/or graphic content. Listener beware.

Tash wearing sunglasses and a headband smiles while taking a selfie with her dog. The dog, a large breed with a dark coat and light markings on its face, is wearing a harness and has its tongue out. The photo is in black and white.

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